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SenSource Patron Counters are the preferred people counters for libraries all across North America. We realize the value and necessity of a library patron counter in facilities both large and small. The wide range of door counters and overhead-mounted people counters offered through SenSource assure the best fit system for your unique application.

“We use SenSource people counters to help us report our yearly statistics to the state and we also use the people counters to help us maintain a good staffing level.” Virginia Sharp March, Perry Public Library

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Organization Abbr. Organization Website SenSource Blog Post
American Library Association ALA ALA Post Show 2011 ALA 2011 ALA Post Show 2010 ALA 2010
Public Library Association PLA PLA 2012 PLA Post Show 2011 PLA Post Show 2010
New York Library Association NYLA NYLA Post Show 2011
Pennsylvania Library Association PaLA PaLA Post Show 2011 PaLA 2010
Ohio Library Council OLC OLC Post Show 2011 OLC Post Show 2010 OLC 2010
Texas Library Association TLA TLA 2012