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SenSource Traffic Counter Hardware

At SenSource, we know a one size fits all approach is not going to work for our customers’ traffic counter needs. That’s why we continue to develop and improve our hardware offerings to find the best solutions for a broad range of applications and budgets. Select a product category below to get started:

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People Counting Products

To better understand our people counting product selections, we’ve categorized them based on technology levels – 3D and 1D products. If you’re in the market for unsurpassed accuracy and dynamic reporting, the 3D ClearCount series is for you. Or if you’re on a tight budget and only need to know the day to day traffic fluctuations in your facility, then the 1D people counter products are a good place to start. 

Vehicle Counting Products

As for vehicle traffic counters, SenSource offers a permanent burial loop system and a pressure hose system for temporary uses.

Quality Guaranteed

As a result of continuous development and improvement, we guarantee the quality of our traffic counting hardware. Learn more about our 30 day money back guarantee.

Dynamic Reporting

Your traffic counting hardware is complete when paired with Vea analytics software. Give meaning to your traffic data with Vea, available for all networked traffic counter products. You can access your data anywhere using a secure web login to analyze reports, view charts and graphs, customize dashboards and share information.

Can’t decide? Our sales team has experience working with hundreds of customers with varying applications and are eager to assist you and learn more about your application. Contact us today to get started. 

Vea Analytics Software

What to do with your traffic data? The sky’s the limit with Vea’s expandable integrations and custom reporting features.

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