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C-cam Video People Counter

Thermal Imaging People Counter

SenSource’s Exclusive 2D Video People Counter

The C-cam is SenSource’s exclusive mid-level, video-based, directional traffic counting solution. This detector achieves highly accurate patron counting at costs similar to many break-beam systems making it the industry’s most cost-effective solution. Mounted overhead using monocular video technology and advanced SenSource tracking algorithms, it can achieve accuracies that approach many 3 Dimensional dual lens systems. It offers two reporting options – basic onboard reporting and dynamic networked reporting. This an ideal people counting solution for applications with tight budgets that require accuracy.

The C-cam uses reliable proprietary hardware and software to detect humans walking within the viewing area. It determines direction of travel, entry or exit, and retains targets within its detection zone to avoid counting the same person multiple times. For facilities with multiple entrances, a C-cam video people counter can be installed over each entrance using Vea Software for comprehensive reports of facility usage.

The C-cam video people counter offers many built-in advanced features that include:

  • Onboard reporting for standalone operation or network for automated reporting
  • Easy browser-based configuration tools with onboard video playback for accuracy validation
  • Supports multiple configurable count zones to track a variety of traffic patterns
  • Monitors entrances up to 12 feet wide (with a maximum mounting height of 14 feet)
  • Fully compatible with the Vea world class cloud reporting platform
  • Easy to use API available for custom end-user integration
  • Little to no maintenance is required once the system is installed
  • Self-install or use the SenSource certified installation team

Purchasing Options

The C-cam is available in a variety of purchasing options based on reporting, warranty and support needs. The most basic option uses onboard reporting with no recurring costs and a 90 day hardware warranty. The second option uses onboard reporting with an annual hardware and support plan. The third option uses Vea Software for dynamic reporting with an annual plan covering SaaS, hardware and support.

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